A eyelash extension set is best when they are new, full and perfect. We recommend to get eyelashes infills in between 2 to 3 weeks

  • For Classic & Hybrid: Infil will be 2 weeks’ time, over 2 weeks you should consider a new set.
  • For Volume: Infil will be 2-3 weeks time, over 3 weeks you should consider a new set.
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A full set of lash extensions will naturally require much more time to apply to a customer. We know you are busy and your time is valuable to us, therefore, infil is a way to go for your eyelash extensions care. However, it should be in the time frame of your specific set.

Depending on the set, on average a very skilled trained lash technician can perform a full set application in just over an hour for a Classic set and 2 hours for a Full Volume set.

Why don’t you get a lash infill for only 45-60 mins at a cheaper price?

When do lashes need a news set and why?

Depending on how well you look after your lashes, retention is approximately 4 weeks for any adhesives in the market. That’s why most likely you’ll require a new set of lashes when your set is 3-4 weeks old.

Your lashes maybe 3 weeks old and you think they still look great but the reality is that those existing lashes will fall off very quickly. If you book for infill, the technician only has an hour’s time to fill your lashes in. The new lashes that they applied on will last for another 4 weeks but the older ones will fall off quickly (lashes on that look great but almost half of the lashes won’t last as long as the new lashes). That’s why we highly recommend a new set.

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