Before Lash Appointment

How to Prepare for Your Eyelash Extension Appointment

Cancel or Reschedule must be arranged 24 hours lash appointment. You can text : 0273961779

1. If you wear waterproof mascara, discontinue use 3 days prior to your appointment. 

2. Arrive with a freshly clean face and impeccably clean lashes. 

3. Avoid oil based products on and around the eyes. 

4. Arrive freshly showered and with clean hair. You won’t be able to wet the lashes for the initial 24 hours after application. 

5. Remove your contacts, if you wear them. We recommend my clients wear glasses the day of service. 

6. Facials first, lashes last. 

If you are receiving any sort of facial treatment that includes cleansing or steam, this must be scheduled PRIOR to your lash appointment. 

48 hours after lash application is the recommended time post-lashing. 

7. Tint the lashes 48 hours prior to extension application. 

8. Lift the lashes 6 weeks prior to extension application. 

Happy Lashing!!

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