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LashnThings is a salons that specializes in eyelash extensions located in Takapuna, Auckland. We offer premium service and quality at an affordable price for everyone. We have two members working together to make our women feel more confident and beautiful. With our Premium False Lashes (Korean Silk) and quality glue, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Unlike the "rush in and out" shops in malls, we make sure to deliver the best beauty consultation with every client. Extension types range from Natural looking Classic, Hybrid to dramatic Full/Mega Volume Extensions. Quality and delivering the best experience possible is our main goal. We care about your skin and lashes more than anything and will consult with you if any help is needed.

Our Vision

To make you prettier through your eyes

Our Mission

Empowering women by delivering exceptional service

Our Values

Beauty is in everyone, everything, and everywhere
Never give up, never back down, never say never
Every staff members and customers are our most important ones
Embrace your creativity, be yourself
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