Online lash training

Due to Covid-19, you are having a hard time to find a lash course to attend but still want to keep the beauty career plans going.

We have made a live online training for everyone who loves to do it right now. In this Lockdown 2021.


For Classic, Hybrid and Light Volume Training. 3 days Training

THEORY: 1 day (2 hours)

  • Health & Safety – hygiene standards in the industry
  • Natural eyelash growth cycle
  • Client safety: Reaction and allergies (PATCH TEST)
  • Different types of classic, hybrid and volume eyelash thickness, curls
  • Consultation+Aftercare
  • Equipment
  • Marketing your business


  • Cleansing
  • Preparing
  • Application
  • Safety removal procedure
  • Infills procedure
  • Practicing on mannequin
  • Practicing on real model


You need to have your own model. We might need 3 models at least.


Can be sent to your address contactless. Valued: $300

  • A quality Lash Glue bottle
  • A tweezers set
  • A mannequin head
  • Classic lash trays
  • Premade fans trays
  • Lash removal cream,
  • A lash shampoo
  • Gel Pads
  • Lash tape
  • A student handbook


$699 (was $1497)

Enroll by call: 0273961779 or email us: lashnthings.nz@gmail.com


Your own models to practice from home.

A good camera to record your work so that we can provide feedbacks

✅So you wonder WHAT WILL HAPPEN in the course if it’s ONLINE Training:

The first day, we will have two-three hours live video training with you through Whatsapp. This is for all the theory.

After the first day, you will receive training video via Bluetooth at our shop. These are all good practice training videos and enough for you to learn doing a whole set. You can train this in 3 days:

  • You will practice at home with these video. Make questions for us if there are any.
  • You will need to record your work so we can see what need to be corrected. Please ask someone to help you to record while you are practicing.

After the 3 days, we will have another video training to look into what we have done and provide a better feedback based on your circumstances.

The whole training can be in one week. You will need three models for three days training (not including the training time with the head). We are happy to call back and forth via Whatsapp to answer anything occurring later during your ongoing training.

We offer one practice training at our shop after Lockdown if you still need it.


This course is designed to provide an honest training, straight to the points which what students need. That will help you to learn fast and confident.

We do not refund for any reason once the payment is made.

This course is not for close-contact requirements as other “in-person” course. We will live, share and train as much as we are in the same room with you.

Please before signing for the course, ask us anything to help you understand what you will get the best.

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