What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are when you apply a fake lash on top or between your natural lashes. Your main two different forms of eyelashes are individual lashes and strip/magnetic lashes. Individual lashes are the most popular service as its very tailored to the customers’ needs where lash stirps are simply added above or in between your natural lashes. LashnThings specialize in individual lashes to give you that looks that suits your personality.

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The very first eyelash extensions were made of acrylic resin, now you get a variety of different material lashes, but we prefer to use silk eyelash extensions. They are super soft, gentle and are great beauty enhancers. Eyelash extensions has been talked about and published over many centuries. You can still find articles that date back to the 1800’s about how to make your lashes longer.

Different forms of Eyelash extensions

There is quite a lot of different forms of eyelash extensions. LashnThings will make it simple for you


The most common starter lash extensions that most women try is the Classic look. We apply a individual false lash on top or below your natural lash. It’s a 1 for 1 process. This process is much simpler than the others and gives a person a natural but giving more length and more curl.

Russian Volume

A Volume Lash set is where we apply a few false lashes over one natural lash. This is with volume fans. The false lash will split into 5 – 10 different lashes and this is applied on top or below your natural lash. Because the lashes split, they generally are thinner and softer than the lashes on a Classic set.

Hybrid or Mixed set

Hybrid or Mixed set is exactly as the word describes it. They are a combination of Classic Lashes and Volume Fan Lashes being applied. They offer the best of both worlds. A thicker look than classic lashes with the added softness and fluffiness that you get in Volume Lashes.

Mega Russian Volume

Mega Volume is the ultimate density in Lashes. You can’t get any more lashes than this set. It gives you a super full, soft, and dense look that really makes your eyes POP with glamour.

Before & after a lash nap 😍 A Single-Layer full set by @lashnthings.nz using Xtreme Lashes Faux Mink  0.07 or 0.05mm diameter | 9-18mm length #xtremelashes #lashista

Our process – Your safety matters

Since we are working so close to your eyes, we value being responsible and careful above all else.

We first ask you to remove any make up that you might have on. This will eliminate the possibility that any Lashes gets glued to the make up and not to your lashes.

We then clean your lashes with our specially formulated formula that gentle on your skin and eyes. This will super clean your lashes and make them ready for the lashes extension you chose. We dry them and fan them out just before beginning our preparation process.

Once your natural lashes are nice and clean, we separate the bottom lashes from the top lashes with a special lash gel pad and some lash tape. This ensures that we don’t accidently glue your top lashes with your bottom lashes. This is commonly known as to glue someone’s eyes shut in the industry. We have never had this happen to us and it will never happen as we value our customers care and safety first.

Finally, we separate your lashes with our specially created tweezers to apply the false lash to your natural lash without touching any other lashes. This is to prevent accidents that lead to multiple lashes being glued together and caused you pain and irritation.

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How many lashes do we apply?

While some Lash shops will charge you for the number of individual lashes that they apply, we don’t. We generally apply between 80 – 100 false lashes to every eye. Depending on the amount of time we have left.  Generally, every person has between 100 – 120 lashes per eye. We believe that every customer deserves the fullest look possible. They only reason we do not do absolute 100% coverage is that some baby lashes are so weak and small that they should be left to grow and develop naturally. Applying a false lash on them with make the poor little lash grow weak and frail and he will fall out quickly.

Because we lose natural eyelashes every day the eyelash extensions usually last between 3–4 weeks and during that time period, natural lashes start falling out or thinning. Maintaining a full set of eyelashes requires a refill every 2–3 weeks or a partial set every four weeks. If done correctly, there should be no damage to the natural lashes. It is important to find a trained professional to preserve lash growth and reduce the chance of eye complications.

Common myths and false beliefs

Some people believe that applying false lashes to your natural lashes damages your natural lashes. This is a false rumor that is not true at all. A lash is just like any other hair on your body. It grows and falls out and then grows back again without you ever noticing that anything ever happened. A new lash takes about 2 months to grow from a new baby white lash to fully developed and strong Lash. This is the reason your lashes will fall out and you will need a refill. Generally, refills should be done between 2 – 3 weeks.

Most of the time, false lashes have exceptionally good retention. Some woman takes such good care of their false lashes that they last 6 weeks with hardly any falling off. Some mayor reasons lashes fall off is due to high humidity, water sports, rubbing your eyes, make up and sleeping with your lashes rubbing against your pillow. However, your natural life cycle of your natural lashes is something that your body controls. They will all fall off in time and will grow back just as healthy as before.   

We provide lash after-care card to you after our services so that you can take care them well


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